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This interactive Webinar is designed to give new and existing property investors perspective and a sense of certainty on the current Australian residential property market, through the up-to-date and accurate findings from our Investor Panel.


This virtual evening is exclusively for self-employed individuals who are looking to get started or develop a residential property investment portfolio.

Historical performance of property against major negative economic shocks

Realistic performance of property over the past 3 months

The future of the property market 

How to minimise risk as an investor

Areas you should be investing in and which you shouldn't

Live Q & A session with Adam Duffy and Warren Jacobs

7:00pm-8:00pm AEST | Wednesday 12th August

Watch in the comfort of your own home

Adam Duffy | Partner 

Warren Jacobs | Senior Property Investment Consultant



We reveal how residential property has historically performed against negative economic shocks


Find out how the past 3 months have looked for the property market from consumer sentiment, property values to unemployment and vacancy.


Get accurate insight into up-to-date property market forecasts from some of Australia's leading property economists.

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This Webinar is exclusively for self-employed individuals who are looking to start or develop a residential property investment portfolio.


Adam is a partner at Meridian Australia, joining the team in 2011. Through his background in financial planning and personal experience, Adam is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of property investment strategies and has a true passion for assisting his clients to build their property portfolios. 


Adam also manages the Property Investment Consultant team at Meridian Australia.

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Warren has extensive experience within the property industry, spanning over 17 years, working with investors to achieve their financial goals and retire comfortably.


Warren found his joy in teaching others exactly how to make wise investment decisions, all backed by 

the comprehensive Meridian Australia research methodology.

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