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At Meridian Australia, our aim is to help residential property investors at all stages of their investment journey, whether just starting out investing in investment property one, or developing a property portfolio.

What Makes Us Unique?


Our meticulous approach to investing has seen clients develop highly successful residential property portfolios for over a decade.

Investment Panel.

We consult with the brightest minds in the property industry, offering an unbiased opinion on capital growth influences. Learn more about the Meridian Investor Panel.

Holistic Approach.

We take control of all moving parts of the investment process so clients can invest professionally with ease.

Our Research Model.

To book an introductory Property Investment Strategy Call click here.

Our Approach To Investing.

Our approach to the property investment process is holistic, offering a seamless experience for our clients. We coordinate all the moving parts of the process, including sourcing, negotiating, and liaising with parties such as solicitors, property managers, and financiers.

To outline the process we take all clients through, we have broken it down into six key stages, pre and post-purchase.

01. Goals and Finance.

Our first consultation with clients is to understand exactly what is needed from an investment property purchase.

We work with our clients, in consultation with appropriately qualified professionals, to gain a clear picture of their financial borrowing ability. Therefore, we can select the most suitable property options.

02. Property Market Research.

We combine the effort and expertise of the Meridian Investor Panel and our internal team, to identify the Australian markets with the strongest macro and micro fundamentals.

We share this analysis with clients in the form of a thorough due diligence report for each property and market.

03. Property Identification & Negotiation.

We are constantly working to identify and secure high-performing properties for our clients. Typically, these are exclusive "off-market" opportunities within our identified suburbs.

04. Pre-Purchase Due Diligence.

For a detailed analysis of each property, we provide clients with:

  • 50+ page market and property

  • Due diligence report

  • Individual property cash flow report

  • Indicative depreciation schedule

05. Post-Settlement Guidance.

Following settlement of the property, through our relationships with key professionals, we assist clients with negotiated rates for:

  • A highly reputable property manager

  • A building inspection report

06. Ongoing Portfolio Review.

We conduct annual consultations to review the properties in our clients' portfolios. Clients are also given continued access to our exclusive Investor Panel research and events, to ensure they remain up-to-date and informed.

To book an introductory Property Investment Strategy Call click here.

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Meridian Australia

P: (02) 9939 3249

Disclaimer: When considering purchasing a property, it's always prudent to seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional to determine which strategy is most appropriate for your individual circumstance.


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