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Investing in property is not a decision to be taken lightly, it is a life-changing decision for many that can lead to the development of a thriving property portfolio if done correctly.

As a Business Partner, whether you are a Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner or Accountant, you will have your client's best interest at heart, wanting them to acquire a property or properties that will align with their goals and financial capability.

In this article we discuss the 3 reasons why you should use Meridian Australia to support your clients' invest in property, utilising a research-driven and result-orientated approach.

Quality Independent Unbiased Expert Research

The Meridian Investor Panel comprises of several leading, independent economists in the property sector and Meridian Australia Executives, all of whom are specialists in their field.

Meridian Australia is the only Property Investment Consultancy in Australia utilising an unbiased, independent panel of economic experts from reputable organisations, including:

  • KPMG

  • Quantify Strategic Insights

  • BCI

  • Sydney University

During each panel meeting, tri-annually, panel members engage in a meeting and discussion on the fundamental drivers influencing capital growth, of each Australian capital city and major regional centres. The information reviewed and analysed in the panel meetings, forms the foundational components of our due diligence process, which guides clients toward high performing property markets.

Comprehensive & Supportive Client Meeting Process

Meridian Australia has an array of client engagement strategies and tools to assist you, as a Business Partner, to educate your clients on property investment. These strategies allow you to both nurture and educate your clients as they work out if property investment is right for them.

Meeting Process:
  • Process Overview: The Property Investment Consultants at Meridian Australia conduct a 2-3 meeting process with your clients. This ensures we have a comprehensive idea as to what your client/s wants to achieve with investing.

  • Goals and Finance: The first consultation with clients is to understand exactly what is needed from an investment property purchase. We work with you, and your clients to gain a clear picture of their financial borrowing ability. Therefore, we can select the most suitable property options.

  • Property Market Research: We combine the effort and expertise of the Meridian Investor Panel and our internal team, to identify Australian markets with the strongest macro and micro fundamentals. We share this analysis with clients in the form of a due diligence report for each property and market, including:

    • 50+ page market and property report

    • Individual property cash flow report

    • Indicative depreciation schedule

  • Post Settlement Guidance: We continue to hold your client's hand throughout the process - from educating, and assisting with finding the appropriate property manager and we conduct an annual review as to how their investment and goals are tracking.

  • Ongoing Portfolio Review: We conduct annual consultations to review the properties in our client's portfolios. Clients are also given access to our exclusive Investor Panel research and events, to ensure they remain up-to-date and informed.

Educational Client Engagement Strategies

Meridian Australia has access to three tailored client engagement strategies to provide your clients with detailed property market insights.

“Support your brand, your clients, and your bottom line.”

Three engagement strategies:
  1. Individual Meetings: The opportunity for clients to meet individually with a Meridian Australia Property Investment Consultant, to explore investment options. Learn more.

  2. On-Demand Presentation: Give your clients instant access to a succinct 20-minute property investment presentation. Suitable for new and existing investors. Learn more.

  3. In-Person Group Events: Receive education on all things property investment in a group interactive setting. Learn more.

If you would like us to create a marketing plan specifically for your business to guide your clients, your brand, and your bottom line, please visit the Partner Portal.

Warren Jacobs - National Business Development Manager

P: (02) 9939 3249


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