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The most commonly used phrase in real estate would undoubtedly be “location, location, location!” when it comes to target markets with higher capital growth prospects, however, there is another factor that is increasingly overlooked.

While property investors may take a macro approach, some considerations should be given to the property itself which will make it more appealing to tenants and future purchasers down the track when the time comes to on-sell the property.

So what does this entail?

Staying on top of future tenant trends should be considered as it’s the tenant paying your rent and it will also allow you to remain competitive in the market. It's important to take note of the shifting needs of tenants.

Key Trends

1. Integrated Technology.

There is a new type of kid on the block, Generation Z. born between 1995 – 2009, the older segment of this generation is starting to enter the rental market. This is the first generation born into a world where technology is omnipresent.

The real estate industry will need to ensure their processes are online and seamless to ensure the high technological expectations of this generation are addressed.

For property managers, this may include online portals for the young tenants to contact their manager or pay rent. For landlords, it may be making sure your property supports fast internet speeds.

2. Sustainability.

There has been a greater push for sustainable products within homes as individuals become increasingly worried about sustainability and minimising their impact on the natural world.

Generation Z is the type of tenant who cares about their carbon footprint. While efficiency improvements may not be at a top priority for landlords, a prospective tenant may be looking for such features. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures shows almost a third of employed Australians (3.5 million) regularly work from home. It's also important to consider low water landscaping, access to public transport and proper recycling programs within the community.

3. Working from home.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show almost a third of employed Australians (3.5 million) regularly work from home [1].

Due to the enforced lockdowns caused by COVID-19, many people have realised they do not have to commute to city offices every day.

With most people now forced to work from home, it's highly likely there will be in surge of professionals working from home. 

Potential tenants may be looking for features that allow them to work from home if they need to, for example, a spare room or study nook; adequate natural lighting for these features is expected.

James Allnutt – Property Investment Consultant

P: (02) 9939 3249


[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics: Characteristics of Employment, Australia. 6333.0


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