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The Albion Park Rail Bypass is an exciting new upgrade to the existing Princes Highway, which has been funded by the New South Wales government for a massive $630 million.

The goal of the project is to extend the M1 Princes Motorway between Yallah and Oak Flats to bypass Albion Park Rail.

The Project Benefits.

The project, which is set to be completed in 2020 will complete the 'missing link' for a high standard road between Sydney and the South Coast with the final destination landing in the suburb of Bomaderry.

At 9.8 kilometres long and featuring 13 bridges, the key infrastructure project will look to separate local and statewide traffic streams to alleviate congestion.

The project is expected not only to have a positive impact on residents and commuters between Sydney and the South Coast but particularly critical for transportation, courier, and logistics industries.

Further benefits

  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist facilities to improve connectivity

  • Saving of up to 30% travel time

  • Return local streets to local communities

  • Increased road capacity

  • Improve the efficient movement of freight

  • Reduce flood impacts

  • Improved connectivity for the Albion Park community

  • Up to 16 intersections bypassed

  • Better and more reliable trips for locals, tourists, businesses, and freight

The Albion Park Rail Bypass is expected to have a stunning effect on travel times and serious car accidents, according to a government submission and preferred infrastructure report released recently. The traffic and transport assessment report stated the following:

“The project is likely to save at least 11 minutes 42 seconds northbound in the AM peak (64% reduction) and 10 minutes 36 seconds southbound in the PM peak (61% reduction)".

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